For teachers

If you have students attending NumberWorks’nWords after-school tuition, you probably have a few questions for us. Hopefully you’ll find the answers on this page. If we haven’t addressed all your concerns here, don’t hesitate to call the manager of your local NumberWords’nWords centre.

  • One of my students has just started NumberWorks'nWords and the centre has asked for my input. What should I do?

    Please get involved. The centre manager would be delighted if you send an email or phoned with information. As an educational professional, your experience with the student is invaluable to us.

  • Are NumberWorks'nWords learning modules compatible with classroom teaching?

    Most definitely yes. Our learning modules closely mirror the content of the standard school curriculum. What's more, our teaching methods match the ones you use at school, so that children won't become confused.

  • Can I visit a NumberWorks'nWords centre?

    Yes, we'd love you to pop in for a look around. Our centres are owned and managed by teachers, so we definitely talk your language. You can watch tuition in action and even try a couple of our learning modules.

  • Does NumberWorks'nWords use numeracy strategies?

    We stay in touch with government education initiatives, which means we're currently applying the same numeracy strategies that you're working with.

  • Can I refer NumberWorks'nWords to parents?

    You most certainly can. We see education as a collaborative task that begins with input from parents and classroom teachers. Our role is to provide supplementary learning when necessary, so that children develop confidence and achieve required standards.

  • Is NumberWorks'nWords good for gifted kids?

    Our tutoring is just as effective for extension as it is for catching up. If a brighter-than-average child is bored at regular school, NumberWorks'nWords can provide more challenging work.

  • What ages does NumberWords'nWords cater for?

    We cover maths from new entrant to year 11 and English from Reading Age 5 to students fluent in Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

  • Is it all done on computers?

    Every student has an individualised learning programme that’s tailored to his/her particular needs. The computer provides the exercises and marks the answers right or “try again”. Each tutoring session includes one-on-one teaching with the tutor. Any new concept is explained and taught and the student will cement learning with practice using computer-based exercises. The computer is a valuable resource for teaching and practicing, just as books, pen and paper and calculators are too.

  • I love teaching, but I'm getting sick of schools. What opportunities does NumberWords'nWords have for me?

    We're all teachers and, like you, we all once worked in schools. If you want to own your own business, find out about our business opportunities. If you'd like a dip a toe into the water first by becoming a centre manager, find out about employment opportunities.

  • Is there homework?

    Yes there's homework, although it's not compulsory. Homework sheets that match the topic the student is working on help new facts and skills to move from short-term memory to long-term memory. Homework isn't difficult or time-consuming.

  • What's the student/tutor ratio?

    There is one tutor for every three students. This ratio ensures the tutor always has time for one-on-one teaching.